Teacher Training

Professional Development

We understand that not every teacher has the same skills and experience.  Some teachers need support and training to help them succeed. All teachers hired through Wai Teach will receive free teacher training from Icon Teacher Training in key areas to help them better understand the skills needed to be a successful teacher.

The skills areas for training are different from the typical training received through TEFL training courses.  The training focuses on key teaching skills such as classroom management, differentiated instruction, assessment and grading, and student engagement as well as other topics.

Continuing Professional Development

We will continue to support our school client teachers throughout the academic year with advice, school visits, and observations.

We will conduct at least one teacher observation per term to include a feedback session with the teacher following the observation. The observation will be a thorough discussion of the teaching and learning activities to include how they are assessing the students and any self-improvement goals. The school will receive a copy of the teacher observation for their records.

The teacher will then be given access to our professional development course library on Icon Teacher Training to further their teaching skills based on their need. At the end of each course completed, the teacher will receive a Certificate of Professional Development to include in their teaching portfolio.

The observation will cover 4 key areas: Teaching performance, Student motivation, Administrative, Personal.

Icon Group

Icon Group is a unique, full-service English Program consulting service that provides a school with all the tools and support to deliver their program in a cost-effective way while allowing the school to maintain control of their English Program’s direction.  Icon Group will use its 20+ years of teaching experience within Thailand, and its strategic partnerships, to support Thai schools in 3 ways:  

Teacher Recruitment, Teacher Training, and Teacher Resources.

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