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Icon Educate

Icon Educate is a complete digital learning solution that brings interactive whiteboard, automated assessment, custom grade books, multimedia, lesson planning, detailed analytics, student tablet control and more – all under one app!   Icon Educate is available on Apple, Android, and works on a PC.

Put an end to the practice of “one app for each teaching-function”

Graduate your school to true tablet-driven education!

By combining your digital learning environment into single app, we bring 21st century learning to your classroom!

2 Delivery Options

Use Icon Resources

Icon Educate App has fully developed e-Learning courses with interactive whiteboards, eBooks, quizzes, videos and more. Printed work books provided for the cost of printing for use in classroom.

Use Your School Resources

Use Icon Educate App in the classroom with school’s current textbooks and teaching resources. Icon will help to create interactive learning for your program using your PowerPoint, video and other resources.

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