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We are an online teacher training organization where teachers can gain the valuable knowledge needed to be more successful in their teaching career. At Icon Teacher Training, we believe that better training equals better teachers. That is why we strive to provide the best in online professional development for all teachers to better understand the latest in learning methodology, educational technology and teaching methods.

As a new or experienced teacher, Icon Teacher Training helps you:
• Enhance your skills and increase your motivation through practical teaching knowledge.
• Expand your perspectives through exposure to the latest thinking in educational theory.
• Assist in your personal development to better meets the needs of your students.
• Advance your career options with professional development certificates to demonstrate your commitment to future schools.

Icon Teach course are designed specifically for practicing teachers to provide them with the skills they need to be successful in the classroom.  Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge and theory you need as well as the practical advice to apply that knowledge.

Icon Tech offers a wide variety of courses for our teachers.  We focus on key areas such as classroom management and instruction as well as continually developing areas such as educational technology.  We continue to add courses as we consult with our teachers to find out there needs.

Icon Teach courses are design by teachers for teachers.  We use our 20+ years of teaching experience to help us design courses that speak to what teachers need in their training:  knowledge + application.  We will provide background information to help you to understand the “why” as well as the “how”.


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Icon Group

Icon Group is a unique, full-service English Program consulting service that provides a school with all the tools and support to deliver their program in a cost-effective way while allowing the school to maintain control of their English Program’s direction. Icon Group will use its 20+ years of teaching experience within Thailand, and its strategic partnerships, to support Thai schools in 3 ways:

Teacher Recruitment, Teacher Training, and Teacher Resources.

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